Balvenie Stories Part 2

So this year we had the 1st edition of the Balvenie Stories series, it included the 12yr old 'Sweet Toast of American Oak', the 14yr old 'Week of Peat' and the 26yr old 'Day of Dark Barley'. There are rumours floating around the Whisky world about a 2nd series aswell. Unfortuanatly set to release in around June 2020 (so ages away), this will aparently include a Non Age Statment (NAS) called 'The Creation of Classic', a 17yr old version of 'The Week of Peat' and finally a 21yr old called 'The Second Red Rose'. Unfortuantly somemore bad news, these are set to be Duty Free exclusives. Hopefully when they release select retail shops will get them, making it easier for the public.

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