Heartwood Tasmanian Independent Bottler

Tasmanian Heartwood Malt Whisky Pty Ltd currently has 14,000+ litres of whisky stored in oak barrels ranging from 100 to 300 litres in volume.

The whiskies are maturing in a variety of barrel types including French, American and Hungarian oak. They also include barrels previously used for bourbon, Australian muscat, port, rum and sherry, Spanish PX and Portuguese Port. Resultant whiskies originate from 15 different distilleries in Australia and New Zealand that produce 20 different new make spirits. The barrels are sources from seven different cooperages.

Not only do we produce aged single malts we produce vatted or blended malt whisky. Due to the variety of barrels and whisky styles we can blend to our hearts desire producing a wide range of whisky experiences.

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