Midleton Irish Distillery

The Midleton Distillery in its contemporary form has only been established in 1975. In 1966 the three companies John Jameson & Son, The Cork Distillery Company and John Power & Son merged and became the Irish Distillers Group. They decided to concentrate production on one spot and built the modern Midleton Distillery near Cork, right next to the Old Midleton Distillery, home of Jameson Whiskey. Production in the new distillery started in 1975. All partners moved production into this new distillery and closed their old distilleries.
Since 1975 the Old Midleton Distillery, whose origins lie in 1825, has also not been active anymore. It had been founded by three brothers from the Murphy family who produced Cork Distillery Whiskey (meanwhile called Paddy) here. Back then they installed the largest pot still of the world with a capacity of 33,600 UK gallons (approximately 150,000 litres).
In 1988 the spirit corporation Pernod Ricard took over Irish Distillers Group.

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