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The origin of this expression is Tim Duckett’s first barrel from Sullivans Cove – HH007. Not impressed with how it was maturing, Tim divided the contents into three – hence 3 of /3 which followed 1 of /3 and 2 of 3/3. The three parts were transferred to three heavily charred 100 litre ex-Port barrels. The stories of 1 of /3 and 2 of /3 can be found elsewhere.

In 2012, to compensate for loss from the “angels' share”, the third barrel was topped up with Lark 100% new make. In 2014, the third barrel was vatted with two Lark barrels. And in March 2015, Tim added 3 litres of 100% peated 5 year old Oloroso Sherried Lark origin whisky.

Bottled in January 2017 to produce 125 individually numbered bottles at 67.5%.

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