That Boutique-Y Whisky Company Blackgate 3YO (Australian Series)

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Our first Black Gate bottling is a rich, wine cask driven, classic Mainland Australian style whisky.

The Black Gate Distillery produces both Single Malt Whisky and Dark Rum (both brewed and distilled on site.) An annual capacity of just 3,000 litres of whisky means it can be pretty hard to come by! Our 231 bottle release equates to almost 4% of their annual production!

The distillery is run by Brian and Genise Hollingworth. Brian, an ex school teacher, looks after whisky distilling but is an automotive mechanic by trade…… He definitely knows what he is doing though, having learnt the art of distillation from Aussie distilling guru, Bill Lark, in Tasmania.

The Black Gate Distillery utilise casks which whilst small in size, have a big impact on flavour. The arid, desert-like environment in New South Wales results in a fast, aggresive maturation.

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